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for no reason in particular, here is a copy of a really pretentious essay, minus footnotes and bibliography, i wrote freshman year of college for my dada and surrealism class.

Profanely Illuminated: The Relation of Surrealism to Jewish Mysticism Through the Thoughts of Walter Benjamin

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and the meteorite is what causes the light
but the meteor's not what they see

i'm going to jersey this weekend to kick it with sho and tana.
then on sunday to the city for guggenheim, maybe tenement museum too, and to see avenue q with the padre.

i kinda want to try out for this play. i don't know. i don't think i have time.

i should really just focus on the ancient polynesian voyagers, james joyce and kinetic movement, for now.

but i still want to.


we see "company" on tuesday. here's to the ladies who lunch.
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i'm in the basement, mixing up the medicine
johnny's on the pavement thinking about the government

i am thinking about buying chicken eggs and hatching chickens.
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oh goodness
i feel like sugar
brown brown sugar that is me
like little cubes
like cubes of sugar
the sort you suck right down along with tea
oh me oh my oh sweet potato pie
i'm a little creamy flower on the crust
when i look upon your hair
all i want is an eclair
and my tiny chocolate heart is filled with lust
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i would like to think i could represent myself with these literary icons: minnie goetze, ramona quimby, pippi longstocking, alice, and little my.
(if you don't know them you should meet them)

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riley baugus
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i am compiling a list of really interesting careers. here are some i regard as such--the sorts of jobs that if someone told me they had, i'd be floored and impressed. feel free to add!

professional magician
aerial dancer
the person that designs fireworks shows
shakespeare scholar
toy designer
organic farmer
a person who makes stained glass windows for cathedrals
creator of board games
tarot reader
used postage stamps dealer
bumper sticker maker
sled dog racer
healer of dolphins/marine veterinarian
ayurvedic practitioner
historian of all things disney
hot air balloon pilot
pastry chef
las vegas dealer
bike repairs person
dollhouse furniture maker
antarctic researcher
modern art museum curator
wild mushroom expert
crossword puzzle author
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